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What does it mean to ‘be of service’?

What does it mean to ‘be of service’?


It is my goal to explore through my own experience, as well as others, the myriad answers to that question.


What does it mean to ‘be of service’?


I was raised in a household in which service is highly valued. Whether through volunteering with a local non-profit, helping a neighbor or sending money to those in need, service is a foundation. I have spent most of my life asking this question that rapidly evolves into examining purpose, searching for fulfillment and an aching desire to understand the disparities that exist in this world.


There are times that overwhelm overtakes, when the world’s needs seem too great, when my gifts and skills seem woefully inadequate and my utterly American need to ‘fix’ is stymied. Thus, in response, I have armed myself with an arsenal of useful tools; I worked ‘on the ground’, I received a Masters degree in International Development and Humanitarian Affairs and continue to study the importance of building strategic partnerships, impact measurement, performance reporting, needs assessments and program evaluations. All of this with the hope that through these tangible proficiencies, I can prove my capacity to serve, to make better, to amplify and to improve. In all this, however, it is easy to get lost in the tasks and to forget to ask the questions: Am I doing this for the praise of others? Is my goal in this to make headway in my career? Are my actions done in a spirit of integrity, of care for others, of selflessness?


I was recently reminded of the simplicity of service. While visiting a program in Nicaragua that will later be highlighted on this blog, I was concerned about metrics. How will I measure the ‘success’ of this program? Which partnerships make the most sense for them? What is the most effective way to communicate how this community is being served? What can I do right now to demonstrate my worth to this community and to this organization? In the midst of my internal inquiring, a young woman and her baby boy interrupted my thoughts. She looked at me and asked the woman next to us if she would pray for her. The woman next us was not a spiritual leader, was not a church elder, she was, in fact, a stranger to the woman asking her to pray over her and her baby. During the prayer, I watched both of them closely and the woman who had requested the prayer began to cry. As tears rolled down her face I was reminded that while yes, partnerships and metrics are important, programs that are continually evaluated will benefit the needs of the communities in which they work more effectively; there must also be a space for us to be present for one another, in ways we may not anticipate, but in the ways that are needed.

Simplicity Around Us   Photo Credit: Mana Gollo

Simplicity Around Us

Photo Credit: Mana Gollo

I have been blessed to work within organizations serving communities across the globe.  And, now have the opportunity to work with mission-driven organizations and companies as a consultant. I remain continually curious and humbled about how to serve better, to utilize the gifts and talents I have to shine light in this house, this office, this neighborhood, this community, this globe. I will use this platform to ask questions, seek truths and discover others’ answers to this very important query:


What does it mean to ‘be of service’? 

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