W3 Global Consulting

Global Development Consultant specializing in Program and Organizational Development as well as Network Expansion and Relationship Building for non-profit organizations and businesses.

Winter Wall 

Winter Wall has lived and worked in six countries including Uganda, Rwanda, China, India, Nepal, Thailand and Indonesia with mission-driven organizations and companies focused on community development, strategic partnerships and emergency relief.

Photo credit; Mana Gollo

Photo credit; Mana Gollo


Winter Wall received her Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of Denver. Her Masters degree is in International Development and Humanitarian Affairs. She holds TEFL certification.  


Winter Wall has worked with many organizations including;

  • Calibrate Capital
  • Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayor's Challenge
  • Center for Public Impact
  • Women's Partnership Market
  • African Development Promise
  • XP International 
  • Love Light and Melody: Nicaragua
  • Newdea, Inc.; Globally
  • Global Dental Relief; India, Guatemala, Kenya
  • The Last Battle Project
  • The University of Denver
  • KEZA; Kigali, Rwanda
  • The Women's Regional Network 
  • The Haven; Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Third Way Center
  • Cornerstone Development in Kampala, Uganda
  • Aceh Link; Banda Aceh, Indonesia
  • Bangkok International School; Bangkok, Thailand
  • Anji Shangshu Private High School; Hangzhou Province, China
  • She has also worked with companies in event management, logistics and customer service including; Catering By Design, Whole Foods Market, XP Apparel and Swanky Catering

Contact Winter Wall: W3GlobalConsulting@gmail.com