W3 Global Consulting

Global Development Consultant specializing in Program and Organizational Development as well as Network Expansion and Relationship Building for non-profit organizations and businesses.
  • "Our experience in working with Winter Wall is that she is very dedicated and organized in the execution of her duties. Furthermore, she brings her personal convictions to whatever she is doing, this makes her deliberate and compassionate. Finally, we found that her past involvements from      around the globe, has enabled her to bring excellent insights and knowledge to the assignments we have given her." 

          -Tim Kreutter, Director of Cornerstone Development, Kampala, Uganda


  • "In 2012 the University of Denver was selected by the Commission on Presidential Debates to host the first Debate on October 3rd.  This required an enormous level of coordination and planning among multiple players inside the University, under tight deadlines, with very high levels of security.  Winter Wall, who earned two degrees from DU, was retained by the University to serve as Project Coordinator.  She was superb...a great communicator, diplomat, and problem solver.  Her ability to keep on top of things and to alter course rapidly when the situation warranted was invaluable.  From all perspectives the Debate at DU was a great success, and Ms. Wall was a key factor."

    -David Ethan Greenberg, Vice Chancellor for Institutional Partnerships University of Denver


  • "I have connected Winter Wall with a number of individuals and groups who are seeking to make a difference in the world, especially in Africa. Without exception, every person that has worked with Winter has been overwhelmingly positive about their experience with her. Winter has extensive, real world experience to go along with her impressive training. She has a deeply compassionate heart partnered with a practical and logical mind… A great combination!"

          -Stan Holmes, Relationship Builder, Core Fellowship Dallas, Texas


  • Winter's innate curiosity in seeking clarity and truth makes her an ideal consultant for the intricate and complex work required of the international development field. She brings with this desire for perfection, an infectious enthusiasm that puts a smile on all who work with her, despite the gravity of the issue at hand. Winter is a gift to all who know her and a trusted partner in completing actions and meeting all objectives in not only a timely manner but effectively.

           -Patricia Cooper, Executive Director, Women's Regional Network


Contact Winter Wall: W3GlobalConsulting@gmail.com